Day 12: Spoleto to Trevi (11.25 miles)

imageIt’s October 1–Rabbit, Rabbit! Like energizer bunnies, we jump out of bed by 6 and leave town by 7 sans breakfast. As forecast, it’s raining, an opportunity to test our rain gear. We ditched our umbrellas days ago–too much weight. Today’s segment takes us trough La Zona Industriale, a harsh contrast to yesterday’s landscape. Occasional bike paths steer us away, thankfully, from the urban traffic. Like dangling carrots for donkeys, two breakfasts with caffelattes and cornetti move us forward. Love those Italian pastries. imageA flat trail eases our sore body parts–achilles tendon for Tim, knees for Terri, big toe nails and knee for Judy, and a hip for Denis. Never a slogan more apt– “Walk it off!” so we do and it does. After the rainy morning along busy roads, we walk hillsides among olive groves, with panoramic views of the valley. An early arrival in Trevi gives us time to explore the town before we look for a dinner spot. Getting to know Tim and Terri even better on our rambles continues to be a highlight. We are two days’ walk from Assisi–a reason to celebrate.





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  1. Kim Brosnan - Myers says:

    You are Loving the gelato, the vistas, the company and the challenge. I am loving being able to picture you all there! And cheering you on from PA. Making dreams come true is very exhilerating for you and encouraging for us. We will toast to you! It is Hilary’s birthday . Oh to be 27 again!

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