Day 13: Trevi to Foligno to Spello (11.5 miles)

imageAloha-eve as the Nicholson Family says–the day before the big one and tomorrow is definitely the big one both in elevation and difficulty as well as our final destination. Today is supposed to be a cake-walk according to the camino guide, but it still feels like an eternal over-the-river-and-through-the-olive groves trek. Our motivational carrot today is the town of Foligno, a medieval gem as well as home to great pizza, where we break the long journey for lunch–beauty for the eyes, food for the body, including more gelato, because we deserve it!

The camino blue/yellow paint markings make an abundant if uneven appearance to affirm our route. We fantasize that Camino volunteers get assigned 10 markers to place strategically on the trail. Then the noon church bell rings, and off they go to lunch, installing their remaining signs within a half-mile radius.

imageThe main square in Foligno is breathtaking. We imagine St. Francis coming here to sell off bolts of cloth from his father’s collection to repair the ruined San Damino church in Assisi, taking literally his vision’s mandate to “Repair my church!” Of course, the imperative had a bigger significance. We four feel equally moved to sell off our backpacks. But we don’t. After lunch they feel the heaviest.

imageSpello is equally charming, our hotel hosts more than welcoming, and our afternoon wide open to explore the town. Romanesque churches abound in their gorgeous simplicity, and it is not hard to imagine life here 1,000 year ago. It is intoxicatingly beautiful. As we arrive at our last hotel stop together, we pause to relish the moment. 10/2/2015image

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3 Responses to Day 13: Trevi to Foligno to Spello (11.5 miles)

  1. Kim Brosnan_Myers says:

    Your smiles in the photos are radiant from the love and friendship you share. I am so glad that Terri and Tim will be at home with you to recall this feat of endurance and overcoming direction challenges. The laughter and the serious conversations are brought about by your common ground, literally. I am so impressed with all of you for walking this route.

  2. Deanna says:

    Congratulations! Thinking of you today!

  3. Charlotte Feierman says:

    Will be thinking of you on the final day! Your pictures warm me up, here in our mid to high 40’s morning, measuring yet again rain, rain, rain….love the two lovely ladies in the niche 🙂 Have a wonderful walk…

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